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Our Mission

To inspire our clients to make smart financial decisions through pro-active values-based financial planning, while providing service that exceeds our clients' expectations.

In serving our clients there are three overriding principles we adhere to, they are:

Trust Clients place a tremendous amount of trust in their advisor, and the ultimate source of that trust is the advisor’s integrity.  Integrity doesn’t make us immune from mistakes, or from having differences of opinion with other professionals or even clients, but our integrity will not allow us to put our gain above the best interests of our clients.  You our client, always come first.

Transparency At Mathis Wealth Management we are committed to full disclosure.  As our client, you will not only know how we are being paid, but also for what.  If there are any conflicts of interest, those too will be fully disclosed.  At the same time it is important for you as our client to provide all of the information we ask for, so that we can provide the best possible financial solutions for you.   And if your circumstances change, it’s important that those changes be communicated.

Accountability Ultimately we are accountable to you as our client.  At the same time, we will also work with your other trusted advisors, such as your CPA and Attorney, or other financial professionals who are involved in your personal and financial well-being.  This helps us to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Trust, Transparency, and Accountability – You should expect no less!